My Web directory

Let's explore the Web.

Since the online space is vast and still expanding, it is good practice for surfers to share links between each other in web directories like this one. So here are links I thought you might find useful.

Free software directory - a collaborative catalog of free software - when you're setting up network and you don't want to die over subnet tables [3]
Lack rack - nice hack that I use for my servers
Installing Wine on Linux - this is tricky task for many distros, so I use this nice tutorial - new and refurbished floppies for okay prices [3]
Which JDK? - neat website when you want to install alternative Java Dev Kits
JAR Download - Java libraries packed in .jars so you can manage them by hand
Perl monks - best place to seek help and wisdom in Perl
Web buttons - here is list of 4000+ web buttons from Cyber Vanguards website
More Web buttons - another set of 4000 web buttons, this time from Deadnet
Web 3 is going great! - website that monitors all failures of this stupid bubble [3]
WinWorld - online museum/library of vintage software
UESP Wiki - everything I ever needed for TES III Morrowind I found here [2]

And here are some good readings I found on the Web. I am not necessarily a fan of authors, but I consider these specefic blog posts to be worth your time.

Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years by Peter Norvig
Write dumb code by Matthew Rocklin
A 2024 Plea for Lean Software by Bert Hubert
A brief history of Hackerdom by Eric S. Raymond
Web of Documents by Daniel Janus
AI crap by Drew DeVault
The Parable of Alien Chess by Luke Smith
Modelling time travel in fiction by qntm

Some of these websites contains "allergens"
[1] - advertisements, [2] - unnecessary cookies, [3] - proprietary javascript